Terrorist Inc.
A Multinational Corporation (MNC)
by Kent Hammond

 T E R R O R I S M

War wreaks havoc...

Hearts are filled with fear…

Will this ever end?

Maybe not.

Find out the inner workings of terrorism in author Kent Hammond’s suspenseful fiction, Terrorist Inc.


Book Review of Kent Hammond's Terrorist Inc.
by Tiffany Smith
Hollywood Visual FX Producer

The book is a page-turner. Plain and simple. The author has developed awesome, admirable characters from a wide range of age groups and countries, representing both men and women equally. As a Female, I am surprisingly impressed with the women in the novel. Those who are evil are as sinister and cruel as any man, and the women fighting against this evil are equal to the task. I was reminded of the phrase: "Don't mess with Mama Bear” especially when you see how a strong Grandmother rids the world of horrible terrorists. The story evolves showing our hero as a competent but naive man who we see mature and execute a plan of vengeance. We follow our hero around the world through every adventure to track down and locate those who need to be dealt with. Hammond being well travel himself, is able to bring the reader to these lands by painting vivid pictures with his words. There is even a pleasantly surprising love story involved. In closing, I found it remarkable that Mr. Hammond wrote this novel from 2003 to early 2009, for much of what is describe in his book is happening today. Maybe not in the exact city but acts of terrorism, sovereign governments, and sadly in our own elected officials.