About the Book

Terrorist Inc. is a tale of the dangers and enemies lurking near us—enemies who profit by keeping war, social unrest, and terrorism alive. It follows multinational corporations who control energy, medicine, communications, weapons, and finance industries that, out of greed, sell out to terrorists are now on our avenging radar.
Hamilton Kent Jr., also known as Sook, and his teams of daring avengers are comprised of several generations from America and Asia. The team starts off avenging Sook’s father who was murdered by an American defense contractor with the complicit blind eye of career US government officials. Over time Sook brings rancorous retribution to other evildoers while wreaking havoc on global terrorists.
As you follow this quest, you would understand why the rich and powerful get away with murder every day and governments allow it. Many will discover nothing is easy; and waiting on retirement, supporting terrorists, or betraying the trust of your country may be painful, if not fatal.