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Terrorist Inc. Book Review, September 29 at 9:21am
by Ajoy Chandran
Hollywood Visual FX Producer

Terrorist Inc. is an awesome peace of work by Kent Hammond ... A Thriller which is anchored on geopolitics and hovers around terrorism, transnational relations of the good;the evil, their fight , familial relations, generation changes and every aspect of modern day humanity. Even in my wildest of imaginations, I couldn't have dreamed of figuring as a character in an english novel in a lifetime. But to my surprise it happened... Kent Hammond , a man I met by chance in my good old Delhi days made this difference in life... He kept on remembering me even as he was back to his country US, and I am the same "Ajoy Chandran" who has a larger than life image in the novel along with a selective group of fictitious characters who are carved out of realtime lives.... Kent Hammond, I am proud to be a part of TERRORIST INC., a novel which will go down in the annals of literature as something different;something better...

Book Review of Kent Hammond's Terrorist Inc.
by Tiffany Smith
Hollywood Visual FX Producer

The book is a page-turner.  Plain and simple.  The author has developed awesome, admirable characters from a wide range of age groups and countries, representing both men and women equally.  As a Female, I am surprisingly impressed with the women in the novel.  Those who are evil are as sinister and cruel as any man, and the women fighting against this evil are equal to the task.  I was reminded of the phrase: "Don't mess with Mama Bear” especially when you see how a strong Grandmother rids the world of horrible terrorists.

The story evolves showing our hero as a competent but naive man who we see mature and execute a plan of vengeance.  We follow our hero around the world through every adventure to track down and locate those who need to be dealt with.  Hammond being well travel himself, is able to bring the reader to these lands by painting vivid pictures with his words. There is even a pleasantly surprising love story involved.

In closing, I found it remarkable that Mr. Hammond wrote this novel from 2003 to early 2009, for much of what is describe in his book is happening today.  Maybe not in the exact city but acts of terrorism, sovereign governments, and sadly in our own elected officials.

Tiffany Smith
Visual FX Producer

Terrorist Inc. Book Review, October 2, 2011
By Thom BRown

Terrorist Inc, a Multinational Corporation.... is clearly written in easy to read terminology. Mr. Hammond has demonstrated an admirable ability to utilize common language terms in defining his characters. The cast receive intimate introductions and the story reveals them in the capacity he has selected for them, regardless that it is business, personal or romantic. This form of writing allows the reader to adequately refresh themselves by merely turning to the "Intro Page" and re-reading the character's "bio". The act of "terrorism" to be committed is adequately outlined but without revealing the plan to be executed....and the reader anxiously continues his venture through the story line excitedly pursuing the trail to discover the deed. As he delves into the love the characters feel for their respective "partner", he aptly and clearly establishes their shared sentimentality yet does not poison their true relationships with literary vulgarities. A pleasant surprise and welcomed attribute. As he reader crosses the continent, he becomes mentally involved in the surroundings he might actually encounter should he travel there. Location descriptions reek of "mental intrigue" as Mr. Hammond captures the imagination he has brought to the forefront with distinctive and realistic authenticity. To repeat an earlier phrase ..."read it, you'll like it".

Thom Brown
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Terrorist Inc. Book Review by:
Arvind Dhariyal
Vice President (Overseas Projects)
Sugal & Damani Enterprises
New Delhi Ė India

The characters have been very deftly crafted out and the whole narrative is arresting to say the least. Kent has ensured that the reader keeps pace with the overall gamut of things capturing the intricacies and overall picture of the entire story line up and its characters in the most succinct details. Very naturally the writing also does reflect Kentís extensive exposure to different cultures and people which make the reader all the more curious to turn every page with a neck breaking pace. The reader anxiously continues his venture through the story line excitedly pursuing the trail to the very end of the tunnel.

Portrayal of the characters is very simplistic and easy to associate with. From the introductions to the main narrative, the characters do appropriate justice to the subject regardless of the narrative being associated with profession or personal lives.

The level of involvement in the surroundings depicts how well the author has conceived the plot in his head as vivid descriptions capture the imagination with unmatchable and realistic authenticity. A number of events from the book are now happening in the real life such as Chinese naval assertion, which is further checked by US through its allies in Asia Pacific region, problems in Syria, Iran etc, and the role of Mossad and so on. It shows Kent had the capability to correctly read the world dynamics and predict the way these will shape in future. Itís a must read book for every book lover.