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Balance (published by Trafford) focuses on Hamilton Kent, Jr. Aka Sook Sawad, a US Navy Gulf War Veteran seeking revenge on those in American Big Business and US Government officials who murdered his father and sold weapons to terrorists such as Al-Qaeda. Sook's father, Ham, was formerly in Naval Intelligence and ultimately an American International Businessman. His mother, Suvapee, was from Thailand. Sook, his sisters, extended Asian family, and his father's close friends form an alliance to infiltrate, track down, and bring their style of justice to those who murdered his father, and murder countless others everyday.

There is occasionally a fine line between good and evil, treason and patriotism, and love and lust, as Sook discovers. He learns there are many pleasurable ways to reap revenge on the high and mighty: the big American business personalities and good for nothing career government servants who think they are safe and secure from those they destroy. No longer should any of them sleep well. The silent majority are still silent but no longer passive. Some may find our ways illegal, immoral, and inhumane. Well that is the idea: there is pleasure in revenge!

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